NPDP Certification Self Study by GNPS

npdp_certification_logoInterested in advancing your career in new product development?  You want your NPDP certification but don’t have the time to attend a 2-day class?

Self-study is the answer for you!  In self-paced modules complete with expert narration and supporting video examples, you can learn the basic framework and foundation to pass the NPDP exam on your own schedule.

NPDP Certification Self-Study covers the six key exam areas:

  • Strategy
  • Portfolio Management
  • NPD Processes
  • Market Research
  • Teams and Organization
  • Tools and Metrics

This is the most comprehensive course in the industry and the most cost-effective at just $395 for all 21 modules.  Here’s a look at the recommended study plan to complete your self study course in 6 weeks* with about one hour per day of study.  Get started today!

Please contact us at for registration info.

*We know that life gets in the way sometimes, so with receipt of full payment you will have a total of 8 weeks to finish your self-study course and an affordable option to extend your study by two extra weeks.


  1. Could someone kindly advise how long it would take on average to finish each module per day? 30min? one hour? Thank you.

    1. Most of the modules are 30 minutes or less. Please check the recommended study schedule. You can complete the course in 6 weeks following the recommended study schedule yet your registration will be good for 8 weeks.

      Please let us know if you have further questions or comments.

  2. Hi,

    My name is Vellingiri from India.
    I am planning to go for NPDP certification.

    Can you please guide me that, which book to study, study plan and is there any training available etc.,

    Thanks & regards

    1. Hi Vellingiri

      Yes, there is a self-study course available on this website including a 6-week study plan. This training material will prepare you to pass the NPDP exam and includes the newest material on life cycle management which began testing in May 2017.

      Please contact me with additional questions. Good luck!

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