Book Reviews: 2014

June 6, 2014 – Today’s post at the  AIChE CheEnected blog includes a book review of  “Change Intelligence” by Dr. Barbara Trautlein.

No matter where you work, live, or play, you are confronted with change.  “Change Intelligence” by Dr. Barbara Trautlein is a new book that helps leaders manage change in their organizations.  Focused on three key behavioral approaches to change (heart, head, and hands), the author identifies seven different change management styles.  Learning your dominant style can help a product development manager apply skills to improve any change event.

While there is no one best style to manage change, this book describes each of the seven change management styles from the perspective of an executive, a project manager, and a new supervisor.  These real-life case studies add validity to the heart, head, and hands approach to change management.

You can read the full review of  Change Intelligence here or on-line with ChEnected.


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