Life Design Master Mind

We are forming a new monthly master mind group, starting 4 September 2018.  This is your “board of directors” to design your life, and we will follow Bill Burnett and Dave Evans’ book and workbook on Designing Your Life.

You need the collaboration and support of a mastermind group to test out the new ideas and next steps for life design.  We will screen applicants (send to  If you pre-pay, the 6-month commitment is only $1,000, or $200/month.

If you’re not in Houston or the days/times don’t work for you, we are also offering individual coaching and a special online training class for Life Design.  Click here for more info.

What’s next in life?  Let’s tackle your perspectives and use human-centered design thinking to find out together!

Learn more:  What is a Master Mind Group?

Apply Now for Houston Life Design Master Mind (LDMM) starting September 2018