Innovation Master Mind (IMM)


Over 75% of CEOs are disappointed in the performance of their organizations.  They are demanding more and better innovations to sustain growth and competitiveness.  Yet, most new product development (NPD) efforts still fall short of strategic goals.

In this introductory master mind group, we invite CIOs, NPD leaders, and R&D managers to learn, share, and apply innovation best practices.  The Innovation Master Mind Group meets monthly (online, starting December 2018) to exchange and enhance information beyond basic NPD process training.  The group uses peer coaching, collaboration, and brainstorming to help you set and achieve growth goals for your innovation program.

Don’t worry – all of the conversations are confidential and we screen group members to ensure no overlap among industries or product categories.


Innovation is tough work!  You need support from both within and outside of your organization to be successful.  The Innovation Master Mind (IMM) group is a safe place to learn innovation best practices and to test new ideas.  master mind groups serve as your “board of directors” to help you brainstorm and collaborate for higher levels of achievement.

We are forming a new IMM, starting in December.  Please contact me for more information on the group that will meet virtually once a month for 6 months.

Why is there no “buy now” button?  We screen and interview every candidate for IMM because we care about your confidentiality and fit with the group.  I will email you an application form if you contact me at or phone me at 281-280-8717.

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