Innovation Metrics

As they say, “What gets measured, gets done.”  Measurements tell us how we are doing versus a standard and can provide motivation to improve systems or change behaviors.  We know […]

Process Improvement Projects

Quality has two major thrusts:  customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.  In delivering and meeting customer needs, we must constantly strive to improve the product offering itself as well as enhancing […]

Business Model Basics

Business models translate the long term goals of a firm’s strategy into the actionable plans for developing and launching a product in the market place.  Organizations need to constantly review […]

Virtual Teams

Innovation work today, like all other projects, is done by cross-functional teams working in multiple locations. These virtual teams face a number of challenges – just as any team does […]

Organizational Environment

New product development (NPD) is most successful in an organizational culture that is open and flexible. We have recently described the characteristics of such firms that practice disruptive innovation. Disruptive […]